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Upcoming Events


The 2014 Sleigh Rally has been cancelled. We thank all of those who have participated and supported the event over the last 13 years.

On Sunday, February 10, 2013 we will hold our 13th Annual Sleigh Rally! Mother Nature holds the key to our success and we hope that she is thinking kindly of us this year. Along with the sleigh rides we expect to have a dog sled musher at the rally again this year. Weather permitting, rides will be available on a limited basis but feel free to visit with David and his dogs. The Windsor Historical Society continues to partner with the Farmers Draft Horse, Mule and Pony Club to bring you our annual sleigh rally. Our partnership brings the continued commitment of the teamsters who volunteer to travel long distances to bring their horses, steers and sleighs to our rally. The FDHMP Club has been committed to our rally since our first year. They come with horses, wagons, a smile and the desire to promote the rally. A big thanks also goes out to the local horsemen who bring their horses or come to help harness, head the horses, load and unload the wagons. ALL of our volunteers, working together, make the sleigh rally so successful. If you know someone who would like to volunteer with the horses or equipment, please call one of the numbers listed below. Our Trail Master is Jim Hawkes. Volunteers for the sleigh rally are needed for gate and parking assistance, loading and unloading sleighs, and kitchen workers. We also would appreciate any food donations. Please contact Alice Chicoine if you are able to make a food donation or would like to work in the kitchen; all other interested volunteers can call Bob Brann at 485-7271 or Rick Cummings at 592-1561.


Entrance Fee is $5.00 a person; children 5 and under are free. There will be snacks and beverages for sale in the Malta Meeting Room. Come join the fun. We will have wagons if there is no snow!